List of Corporate Sponsors, Exhibitors, Media Partners, and Supporting Scientific Organizations

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Don’t miss the largest global, multidisciplinary gathering of separation scientists who are looking for immediate solutions to the most pressing challenges of today and tomorrow. HPLC 2014 is the conference of the year that covers all areas of liquid-phase separation science and related techniques with state-of-the-art format, stronger content, expanded program of experts, training programs, multitudes of posters on display throughout the exhibit hall, prominently featured poster sessions, best poster competition, huge exhibition where companies launch new products and showcase the latest instrumentation, software and tools, and abundant networking opportunities!

Look for an exciting program where experts from around the globe will gather to share their most significant, successful accomplishments and challenges facing their organizations. If you want to learn about new methods, preview emerging technologies, ask questions to our technology experts, network to solve practical and economical issues, hear about the latest innovations in all types of liquid-phase separations, then we encourage you to plan to attend HPLC 2014 New Orleans.

HPLC 2014 New Orleans is the place to learn about the latest issues important to discovery, development, and economic production processes inherent to a wide range of related technologies and techniques. The symposium will bring together the world’s preeminent academic, government, and industrial scientists who will contribute cutting-edge presentations on emerging applications and processes. The meeting is structured with courses, tutorials, workshops, general and parallel sessions packed with plenary, keynote, invited and contributed talks, as well as prominently featured poster sessions and best poster awards. A key part of the program is the Exposition which is the largest, most comprehensive exhibition where companies launch new products and showcase the latest instrumentation, software and tools for performing state-of-the-art chemical measurements related to all types of liquid-phase separations in multiple disciplines.

  • EXHIBITORS — [Exhibits and Posters located together in shared space] To view the floor plan and exhibitor booth application, please see details under the link to Booth Application.
  • ATTENTION SPONSORS — HPLC 2014 New Orleans conference and exhibit offers an array of sponsorship opportunities to showcase your company’s products, services, brand and overall expertise at the largest global multidisciplinary gathering of separation scientists covering all areas liquid-phase separation science and related techniques. To inquire about a customized sponsorship, please contact Ms. Janet Cunningham, HPLC 2014 Symposium/Exhibit Manager, Barr Enterprises, phone 301-668-6001 or
  • VENDOR WORKSHOPS (free to conference participants). Vendor workshop time slots are available as part of a customized bundled sponsorship (must be an exhibitor). To inquire, please contact Ms. Janet Cunningham, HPLC 2014 Symposium/Exhibit Manager, Barr Enterprises, phone 301-668-6001 or

Our Media Partners

Our Supporting Scientific Organizations

  • Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry (Austria)
  • CASSS – An International Separation Science Society (USA)
  • Chinese American Chromatography Association (USA)
  • Chromatography and Electrophoresis Group of the Czech Chemical Society (Czech Republic)
  • Division of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society (USA)
  • Division of Analytical Chemistry of the Swiss Chemical Society (Switzerland)
  • Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences  (Hungary)
  • Interdivisional Group of Separation Science of the Italian Chemical Society (Italy)
  • Norwegian Chromatographic Group of the Norwegian Chemical Society (Norway)
  • Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (Netherlands)
  • Society for Chromatographic Sciences (Japan)
  • Spanish Society of Chromatography an Related Techniques (Spain)
  • Working Group Separation Science of the German Chemical Society (Germany)
Advion 403
Agilent Technologies 415
Akzo Nobel/Kromasil 522
Biotage, LLC 410
Bruker Daltonics 117
C&EN 215
Chiral Technologies, Inc 213
Chromatography Today/International Labmate 502
Diamond Analytics 314
Dikma Technologies 405
EMD Millipore/Merck 113
Fortis Technologies 518
GenTech Scientific 411
GL Sciences Inc. 409
Hamilton Company 421
HPLC 2015 Beijing 414
HPLC 2015 Geneva 412
HPLC 2016 San Francisco 416
Interchim 204
Itochu Chemicals America 520
LCGC 408
MAC-MOD Analytical 115
Nacalai USA, Inc. 214
Phenomenex 206
Polymicro Technologies,subsidiary of Molex 100
Restek Corporation 500 212
Shimadzu 222
Shodex/Showa Denko America 406
SofTA Corporation 316
Supelco 423
Thermo Scientific 209
Tosoh Bioscience 216
Transgenomic 210
UCT, Inc. 105
VICI Valco Instruments 506
Waters Corporation 402
YMC America, Inc. 106

Organizations or firms not assigned exhibit space will not be permitted to solicit business within the exhibit area or confines of Hilton New Orleans Riverside.